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United Kingdom, England
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About Me

I started out (and still am) an award winning burlesque entertainer and performer. I tour regularly overseas but the last few years have been indulging in my photography. Before long, I was being published overseas and being sort after by brands and private clients alike to shoot them. From highly stylised shoots to portraits, I am in demand and wouldnt have it any way.

I have my own studio in Northampton. Its perfect and I adore working from it. That said I love a good location shoot.


TO name but a few:

The Photographer Academy year book (front cover image and two further inside)
Exhibition 'Sorry, Not Sorry'. (will be touring soon)
Boots magazine
Biscuit (Australian lifestyle magazine)
Pinup America (American pinup/boudior magazine)
N-Photo (Nikon specific magazine)
Black Flag (Music site)
Lynn Coffil,
Demons & Diamonds
The Gothic Shop
Daisy Cutter

I have my own studio and a large home to shoot from.

I dont often do unpaid shoots but sometimes I offer selective shoots.
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06 November 2014
06 November 2014
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06 November 2014
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28 March 2015
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20 April 2015
20 April 2015
12 October 2015
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12 October 2015
04 August 2016
04 August 2016
04 August 2016
04 August 2016
04 August 2016
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