Nicky Rollett



38in (96cm)
18.5in (47cm)
Skin Color
32in (81cm)
153lbs (69kg) (11st)
36in (91cm)
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Length
73in (6' 1") (185cm)
30in (76cm)
Shoe Size
United Kingdom, England
30 years old
Experience Experienced
Compensation Paid work only
Date Joined 10 January 2015
Last Login 09 February 2016
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Nicky Paul Rollett

About Me

MY FPI's Big smile

Hello & Welcome To My World! - Thank you for your Visit Big smile I am 'Agency Represented' & Freelance Model & Actor!

My Job is My Passion, I love role play, Creating a story through images is inspiring
From me you get: Professionalism, 100 % dedication, Will never no show or cancel unless its a near on death reason, excellent communication, lots of ideas.
Mail - I always reply to my messages asap to set up a shoot asap.
Photographers - I do work with Beginners to Professionals, Feel Free to contact me directly with your ideas.
Style's: I cover a wide range from fashion to nude. I like Difficult & Challenging idea's, Not affraid to push my limits.
Rates: Good Rates - Can be flexible if needs must.
Availability & Travel - I drive so no location is beyond my reach, Dates must be confirmed (24 hr cancelation will result in a 2 hour fee being requested as it would be hard to replace that date)
About Me - Fitness & Bodybuilding train 5 times a week to maintain body conditioning.
Request Specifics if you want a certain look i.e beard or stubble or hair style please inform me before to ensure i can grow style to that look.
TF i will only work for TF if i have contacted you about a shoot as i feel it would benefit my Portfolio, This is my Job after all so Paid work is Priority, i limit my TF each year.


ADD My Social Media Following / Profile / Page's

FaceBook ( Nicky Paul Rollett ) - Twitter ( @NPRollettModel ) My Business Email Address is - N-P-R 1987 @ Hotmail . Com

Have Put alot more of my images into folders. still need to put more in other folders to shorten my Main page Image's. Please over look all my albums to see a diverse range of work i cover


Nicky Paul Rollett has 40 references and is recommended in 40 of them.
Angel said...

well well well nicky paul rollett !!!

you are a child !!! lol ..constantly playing up and being cheeky ...well to me anyway !!!

you have this evil glint in your eye when u are about to misbehave ...well I certainly put you in your place a few times ..though now looking back, I should of found a naughty step for u to sit on .... ummm well I hope your nipples are sore now!!! ha ha

ok on a serious note nicky is extremely professional , messages before hand are spot on and turns up with a great working attitude . always happy to listen to direction but has great poses and a strong look just on his own .....

it was a great day working with nicky again , its been over a year since our last shoot so it was good to catch up and create some awesome images again ..looking forward to seeing them .

.thanku nicky and i hope we get to work together again soon .

the deadly duo

angel x
Shot 2 weeks ago

orca photography said...

Shot with Nicky at my studio today, what a really great fun guy to work with. Turns up early, brings loads of stuff (as discussed and more), gets on with the job, makes coffee and has a cracking sense of humor.

His communication is, as said before, brilliant. No matter where you message him he's there for you with a reply.

Nicky needs no direction, just discuss the idea and he gets on with it. He brings a fun to the shoot whilst still getting on with the task in hand. It was fantastic to work with him and to have him in the studio. Hopefully see him again there very soon.
Shot 2 weeks ago

RetroPhotoStudio said...

Nicky arrived after a long and tortuous trip to the studio, keen and raring to go. We were shooting for a client lookbook, and the client had very specific ideas on the required poses. Nicky took direction very well, and I know the client was delighted by his work over the day. A lovely guy to work with and I'd be delighted to have the opportunity to work with him in the future.
Shot 3 weeks ago

Emilyjay said...

I worked with Nicky on a catwalk show back in September 2014, and he was such a lovely guy to work with. He was really friendly, communicative and outgoing, and really got on with everyone else too.

He was confident taking direction for the show, and also happy to contribute his own ideas. He has a lot of experience and has worked with a range of people with different artistic directions, and he's capable of turning his hand to any style.

He's a really confident, versatile, and great looking guy, who is really reliable and hardworking too.

I'd love to work with Nicky again, and would recommend him without a doubt to anyone thinking of working with him.
Shot last year

Littlehillpeople said...

It was a pleasure working with Nicky yesterday. He is very friendly and outgoing. He got along with the set team as soon as he walked in. He is very professional and communication is no problem with him. He replies instantly to your texts and emails. He is very serious about his modelling career. He is confident and follows directions very well. The thing we liked about Nicky is he's willing to try anything new, be it dress, makeup , he won't shy away and can still strike the same pose on camera. He is very handsoime and photogenic, toned body and height. Worth hiring! We look forward to working with him again.
Shot 3 months ago

C.Stevens Images said...

OK firstly I would like to say how chuffed I was to get a shoot with this guy. Not only did he allow it, but he went all out of his way to travel down to the West Country to meet me, some 3 hours away.

After making him climb, what can only be described in my eyes as a mountain to get to the location which is generally deserted, we ended up tackling a vast amount of tourists which to be honest were rather off putting, but despite this, he carried on regardless..

We tried various different things, and despite the fact we all got heat stroke, sun burnt and a total work out, it was a really pleasant day.

Easy to communicate with, was totally chilled out when working with him, and in all, he was an absolutely lovely, friendly guy.

Would I recommend him? Without shadow of a doubt.. Would I work with him again, most definitely..

Shot 6 months ago

Yhun Suarez Photography said...

Great to finally shoot with Nicky!

Such a cool guy to work with. Good looking and in good shape.

Although we only did a quick shoot, I still was able to get a lot of good shots to choose from.

Very reliable and communicates well for the plans in our shoot.

Highly recommended to other photographers.

Definitely will work with him again!
Shot 7 months ago

Magpie Tommy said...

I had a location duo shoot with Cheryl R and Nicky Paul Rollett. Before the shoot communication was professional and things were quick and easy to organize.

During the shoot we were cursed by dog walkers, and colder than expected weather. But they were able to adapt and work quickly when we got our chance, and we came away with photos that everyone was really happy with.

Working with Nicky was fantastic, he takes direction really well.
Shot 10 months ago

Cheryl R said...

Had a wonderful shoot working with Nicky yesterday. Very charming and very professional man. He is great to work with, and fun to. He talks a lot Smile but I guess that just shows how comfortable he is to start working on creative ideas.

I would highly recommend Nicky as he is a pleasure to work with , and great company.

Hope to work with you again soon.

Thank you

Shot 10 months ago

dillon said...

Great guy to work with. Very professional and would recommend
Shot 11 months ago

Cove Studios Sittingbourne said...

Lets just say, this was an instant shoot, received a call asking if I was free, we can be there in 30mins - what... Smile First time I've shot with Nicky, he was doing a shoot in the morning & wanted to get another in before going back up country.

Was a great off the cuff shoot, thought about his positioning & held the shot until I'd got it. Would happily give a thumbs up reference to this guy Smile
Shot 11 months ago

Ana-Conda said...

Today I met mr Rollett who was such a gentleman as well as handsome,dapper you name it. Not to mention a right chatterbox! We were lucky to squeeze two shoots in as he had traveled a long way to work with me. So it was a real privilege to finally meet and shoot with this exceptional model. He was confident, outgoing and just an all round laugh. I would happily recommend this fantastic model to any photographer and model. A great bundle of fun to be around, all the best with your modelling would love to work with Nicky again soon!

Take care Ana xx
Shot 11 months ago

VanEyke said...

If you picture a woman at a male striptease show, that was me at the shoot with Nicky Smile

He has a body to die for and was generous enough to let me shoot it in all variations including artistic nude.

First time I worked with Nicky and I was amazed how quickly he adapted to different outfits, genres and poses. He came very well prepared and bang on time for the shoot. Great pre-comms and lots of ideas.

We had an awesome time shooting with Dale-Alexis and DeSilva on a derelict farm in the Cotswold and Nicky worked very hard and with great enthusiasm in the shitty rain and cold.

Absolute great fun to work with and highly recommended. Definitely need to work with him again on an erotic couple shoot. Got some great images and had an awesome day. Thanks for an epic shoot Smile xx
Shot last year

DeSilva said...

Had the luck to get to shoot Nicky as I was modelling on a combined photoshops with him. It was only my second opportunity using the camera and Nicky was very good at doing what I asked for me to get a few shots in. Thanks Nicky, great guy and would recommend Smile
Shot last year

Dale-Alexis said...

Nicky has a great look, as you can see from his port, but is just a top bloke too.

Had a great day shooting with him, and each shot I had in mind required a particular pose and he nailed each one. We then did some random shots, and he was completely confident in posing himself, and those shots worked out great too. Most impressive was his attitude. The shoot was on location and the weather was awful, and no matter what ideas were thrown at him, or what he was asked to do, he did it all with a great attitude and was happy to do what ever was needed to get the shot.

He really is just a great guy. Really easy to get along with, a good laugh, professional, looks great, poses well. What more could you ask for? I would happily shoot with him again any time, and we have already discussed a second shoot.
Shot last year

Diego said...

Had the pleasure of meeting Nicky today at his shoot with VanEyke which I was lucky enough to be involved with. Had a chance to do a few poses with him at the start before we went off to shoot separately... great guy, great look, and a pleasure to work with.

Shot last year

The Fashion Photographer said...

Highly recommended model, very professional and great at what he does. His communication was bang on and very responsive. Despite issues with late model cancellation, Nicky stepped in and more or less resurrected the shoot. Arrived on time with items needed for shoot. His cooperation and eagerness to assist made the shoot a success. Great to work with and real gent. Thanks pal!
Shot last year

AndyPPhotography said...

Had a fantastic shoot with Nicky.

The shoot was arranged a short notice and Nicky's communications were spot on. We arranged location, time and outfit quickly.

On the shoot Nicky was a pleasure to work with. His experience shone through and he was moving his pose straight to the one I was thinking of! He's great taking direction on board and tweaking poses or expressions when needed but it wasn't often needed.

Nicky is a friendly, genuine guy which made working with him a complete pleasure. He had loads of great ideas to incorporate into the shoot and added so much creativity to the end look of the images. You seriously need to book this guy.
Shot last year

Angel price said...

well what can I say about this guy!!! he is an absolute pleasure to work with... today we have just done our third shoot with the fabulous jpea and from what we saw from the back of the camera the images were amazing. nicky puts 110% into creating the images and getting the poses right and we work so well together and I think it really shows in the resulting images. nicky is a complete professional and a true gentleman and top of his game in his work.. he is an absolute blast to be around and we have so much fun, the time just runs away with us. I cant wait to work with nicky again and if you are looking to work with him then I can highly recommend him and you would definitely be losing out on working with a top professional if you don't. thanks again for today nicky and look forward to the next time.. angel xxxxx
Shot last year

JPea said...

I have just had my second shoot with Nicky in a boy girl shoot with Angel Price.

We all work so well together and Nicky throws himself totally into every shot and gives all to get the image. So much so that I worry he will be unable to stagger to his feet after a couple of strenuous sets.

His pre shoot comms are excellent and he is a pleasure to work with. However, the most important thing is that we get stunning images.

Thank you Nicky again for a great shoot.
Shot last year

Keith Mitchell said...

I had the pleasure of working with Nicky on a new T shirt brand location shoot which I had been commissioned to do and Nicky was a perfect choice, very professional, on time and well prepared.

Its alway good to work with people who have such a enthusiasm as it makes my job so easy and Nicky understood the look I was after and only needed slight fine tuning so all the images were great so I know the customer will have difficulty in selecting.

I would highly recommend Nicky as he was great fun and delivered exactly what I was looking for and he was able to fit into the roll with great ease and gave a covincing look for the product.

I certainly hope to work with Nicky on other projects in the future Big smile
Shot last year

Erica Selby (Model name 'Thirteen') said...

Had my first M/F shoot today with Nicky, I'm so glad he was the one I did it with, he is so chatty, friendly, a generally all round lovely person who made me feel at ease .

He has a great personality as well as a great look.

I would recommend him to any photographer and/or model, he's a pleasure to work with.

Looking forward to seeing the images from todays shoot with him as the contrast will look fantastic!

Definitely hope to work with Nicky again in the near future Smile

Shot last year

Tamara rowlstone mua said...

Worked with nicky on a shoot on an interpretation on the Mona Lisa xx nicky was great and the images speak for themselves xx he's very friendly chatty and respective xx until next time xx
Shot last year

Funfreedom said...

Worked with Nicky for the first time last sunday. He is definition of professional and humble person and absolute delight to work with. Great pre-shoot communication, arrived on time, took great interest in the overall concept and was an absolute delight to direct on the location. He comes with handy pack of muscles as well Smile LOL ... highly highly recommended
Shot last year

Angel price said...

I had my second shoot with nicky and I can say I enjoyed every minute. it was a very relaxed shoot with a very chatty tog who allowed us to take our own inititive with ideas and also some good direction. nicky makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable in the type of shoot we do and I think we work very well together. I cant recommend him enough to any tog or model looking to work with him and I really look forward to working with him again . thanks nicky.
Shot last year

Ann said...

Worked with Nicky a while back at a Studio,

Nicky is very professional, nothing is no trouble for him,

We chatted a lot I and took many photos,

Was a pleasure to work with him ,

lets hope I get the chance again

Thank you Nicky Elaine
Shot last year

JPea said...

I was asked to shoot a soft Boy/Girl shoot with Nicky and Angel price.

His communication was almost instantaneous and clear and precise.

The shoot went brilliantly straight from the off and Nicky and Angel clicked instantly so that tingle of photographer and models interaction meant that we were producing lovely images almost without effort.

I enjoyed working with Nicky and although he said he would have preferred to have had his body rather more toned, I could not complain in any way. He looked good and moved well.

We are all satisfied with the results - a total collaboration - and I look forward to working with Nicky again.

Nicky is recommended by me to all photographers
Shot last year

Angel price said...

Hi had a shoot with Nicky today. I had such a great time and the shoot went by far too quickly. He was very professional and worked well under direction with his own creative ideas thrown in too ! I'm sure we have some fantastic images. His look is very seductive and he obviously looks after himself physically. His personality is fun and we had a great laugh. I really look forward to working with him again in the future, and I highly recommend him to any model or photographer looking to work with him. 100% amazing shoot today. Thanks Nicky. X
Shot last year

UrbanScot said...

Nicky is a local model to where I am based and we have been in touch for ages over Facebook but have never had the chance to shoot together. We got together in April and having bounced ideas around in advance we had a good range of things to try out when we met.

Meeting up was great - easy to get I with, totally professional, happy to add to the shoot.

A great time shooting and I would happily work with Nicky in the future.
Shot last year

Rick Martindale said...

I managed to shoot with Nicky on two back to back shoots in one day, one where I was assisting and shooting and the other where I was just shooting.

I had seen Nicky's work around for a while but never had the pleasure of shooting with him until now, great guy, good model with an easy going but professional attitude to the job in hand. He knows his body, he knows what looks good and what doesn't work and is great for discussing ideas and doesn't shy away from any suggestions, often improving on them.

Nicky takes direction well, but also gives good poses without any direction.

Having not worked with too many male models in the past I was a little apprehensive, but Nicky made it easy and enjoyable, happy to recommend him and work with him again.
Shot last year

Chris Middleton Photography said...

Nicky turned up to our shoot for the Outlaws Photographic Society and did his job well. Was professional and gave the photographers what they wanted. Will def use again for future projects.
Shot last year

ElenStudioPhotography said...

I worked with Nicky on my wedding fashion project. He was such a lovely person to work with. With a great personality and easy to get on with. I'll be happy to work together again. Highly recommended!
Shot last year

UrbanScot said...

Nicky and I have been in touch for a long time via Facebook so by the time we eventually managed to shoot together we were already pretty familiar with each other.

It was great to finally shoot and we cracked off loads of great ideas, shooting on location with strobes I found Nicky to be positive, engaged and a guy who brings great ideas to the shoot.

Nicky also brought a new face to the table in the form of Charnie and she fitted in well with the shoot.

Look forward to working up more ideas in the future to shoot with Nicky again.
Shot last year

David J Severn said...

Nicky came to one of my ladies only evening, last minute booking was there on time ready to work, posed naturally, and worked well with the group
Shot 2 years ago

michaelmills said...

Nicky came on a bridal shoot with me to support the brides, we also managed to get some solo images of nicky, he not only was great to work with, he interacted well with the female models relaxed and very professional We all had fun on the shoot. i'm sure we'll get to work together again on some solo images.

Cheers Nicky, highly recommend.

Shot 2 years ago

Elite portfolios said...

Great Shoot with Nicky Coms excellent and very professional. Good to work with and the resultant shots are superb
Shot 2 years ago

Robin French said...

Had a great shoot with Nicky yesterday after what was a fairly lengthy journey to Cardiff, but that is his dedication for you. He is very easy to pose and takes direction well from which we have some pretty amazing pictures.

In hold with his female partner SammyG, he was sensitive to her needs as well as playing out the scenario set and moved with ease around her. We also managed to squeeze him into a small window which proved how supple he is in movement. An all around great guy and would recommend him to you.

Look forward to the next shoot
Shot 2 years ago

Annalee said...

I have just come back from a shoot with nicky, and what a delight it was to work with him. After contacting me a little while back, we spent some time throwing some ideas around before he came to cardiff for a fun day...although he didnt eat one fairy cake!! but i decided to let that one pass.

Nicky's pre communication was great before the shoot, and works hard on set and took direction very well from the photographer when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend nicky at all to any model or photographer to work with. Nicky is a fun and friendly guy and above all else passionate about what he does, and am sure he is going to go far with his modelling/acting.

Thanks Nicky it was alot of fun!
Shot 2 years ago

DigiSnapper said...

I did a shoot with Nicky back in 2011. It was actually my first ever 'proper' model shoot outside of college. So, this was a challenge for the model, to get the most out of a completely nervous and inexperienced photographer. Added to the fact that I am pretty sure this was also one of his first times as a model, we got a very good set of shots out of the session.

I found him to be a very easy going, inventive model with good, strongly defined facial features that lend themselves particularly to textured, gritty portraits.
Shot 3 years ago

Bob Richards Photography said...

I did a fab studio photoshoot with Nicky and got some really amazing images from this talented and expressive model. As well as being dedicated to what he does and always presenting well to the camera, he is a thoroughly nice guy too - fun to work with and having many good ideas himself.

Thoroughly recommended!
Shot 3 years ago

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