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You can't depend on your eyes, if your imagination is out of focus!

About Me

HI all,

I am a hobbyist photographer and have more than 5 years experience. I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment.

I'm based in Suffolk,UK.

At the end of the day it's the final image that matters, not how you got there - that's my philosophy. It's not just about being able to wield a camera competently it's about a whole myriad of things.

I would like to shoot images of art-nude, portraits, fashion, swimwear, lingerie, adult, goth, glam, humour.

That can mean full frontal so if you are not happy at working to this level then a shoot isn't a runner.

Of note for models interested in working with me:

1. I'll pay realistic rates to the right models - that means that you have experience of nude modeling in what is commonly called the 'art-nude' genre and a portfolio that proves it.

2. TFCD - On this basis only: I supply a limited number of edited images ( around 1 per hour of shooting ) of your choice from all images taken along with any others that I may edit. These may take several weeks to process.

3. Chaperones ?? no problem but Please ask first.

4. Tattoos - no problem.

5. Piercings -no problem.

6. References - if you have any for failing to show then I'm not interested in working with you.

I am always willing to listen to ideas from clients as sometimes you do have a specific theme or style you want to add to your wall or private collection, so please just ask and we can discuss it.

Or if you prefer please use the contact page and forward me a message and I will en devour to reply to you the same day.

xd - imaging.weebly . com

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