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Professional glamour photographer with over 30 years experience. My work has been used by Penthouse cover shots, T
he Star and Sport newspapers and Nuts magazines and The Puzzler crossword magazine to name a few. I have my own custom built studio and I always ensure that the model gets a selection of the best shots for her portfolio use. The fee I offer is variable depending on the nature and length of the booking.


I think I have put all the relevant information in the General Comments box.
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Xmas present
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
03 November 2014
05 November 2014
05 November 2014
10 January 2015
26 March 2015
26 March 2015
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23 October 2016
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