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Posted by PaulAmeyGPL on April 12 2015(Updated on April 12 2015)
Paul Amey | GlossyPinkLipstick is looking for members to attend their paid tuition. It's based around Benfleet, Essex SS7 4PW, UK which is approximately 27 miles from you. Get Directions. Added last month.

This event is on Sunday, May 31st.

If you are a photographer new to Glamour or Nude photography then this course is aimed at you.

Maybe you are not sure about your lighting or just like what I do then this is for you.

The model for the day will be the fabulous Emma Willis who will model Beauty to Nude for the Group. Emma has worked with many top photographers and will model for us for the majority of the day.

I will also ask her to offer her perspective from a models point of view around etiquette and things to do to enable you to expedite an outstanding shoot.

The shoot will cover just a 1 or 2 light set up and we will use the simple lighting I use for my work so if you like it then come along and see how it’s done.

You will see how to use a simple 1 light set up to shoot beauty portraits and moody portraits.

I will explain basic theory including.
· How to source models effectively

My experience and the pitfalls
· Photographer etiquette around models and ways of working.

Expected behaviour from models and photographers
· Do’s and Don’ts & being professional

Lists and messages
How not to be a GWC
· Basic glamour posing secrets and tips.

How to pose a model with little experience
S's & Triangles
Push the pose
Hands and what to do with them
· Light in simple terms

Physics for idiots
Light and how it works the "Sun & The Torch"
Reciprocity failure and using light fall off to your advantage.
Beauty & Rembrandt lighting
Feathering Light
· Colour balance and use of a grey card.

Colour Temp & Histogram
Use of reflectors to add tones.
How to interpret histogram
· Initial set up for fail safe lighting to fall back on when you have one of them moments

How I do it
Exposure starting point.
Set up using 1 light and soft box for portraits to nude. Easy to travel and do home shoots.

Using a basic 1 light 1 soft box set up that you can drag anywhere to get beautiful results.

Set up using 2 lights for more even or contrasty results.

Rim lighting and finding the sweet spot.
Even lighting for a bigger space
Use of a light meter
Clam Shell Lighting.
Feathered lighting.
Emma Willis

· Using coloured backgrounds and white wall glamour

Brightly lit against a plain white wall

How to break the rules.

What you might not expect to do to get the result you want.

Emma will model for 6 hours and then, I will show you my selection and editing processes for images from the start to finish.

I will give all my tips and tricks and explain the software I use and why.

You will see why I use a Tablet and why it will speed your workflow 10 times and eventually you will produce high quality images in minutes.

Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided and it should be an enjoyable day.

Afterwards anyone who wants to visit the seaside can mooch off to Southend afterwards for chips and ice cream which is a few minutes away.

Cost is £90 for the whole day and everyone will get a chance to shoot Emma.

There will be no more than 6 photographers.

You will need.

Digital SLR or hybrid Full frame or D.X sensor

50 mm lens or no more than 135 mm (everyone generally has one of these)

A basic understanding of how to alter your settings for:

Manual Mode


White Balance

Focusing and focus points/spot focus if you have it.


A £50 deposit payable by paypal to will secure your place and it should be a great day.

Paul Amey | GlossyPinkLipstick said, last monthEditDelete
If anyone is any doubt your images will improve then please have a look at

I have mentored Lee in exactly the same stuff as listed from complete novice about 12 months ago and he now has a couple of front page images to his name-He can hold his own against anyone on PP or anywhere else.

Paul Amey | GlossyPinkLipstick said, last monthEditDelete
Lee from L.R.M studio left me this reference for anyone interested.

I see Paul is now starting to offer studio days tuition so I thought it only fair to post here with my experiences with Paul as I have worked closely with him and I still see him every few weeks when he shoots from my studio, and why if you have the chance you should jump at the opportunity with working with Paul.

Shortly after I started photography at the start of 2014, I felt I could use a little experienced guidance. Not someone to do everything for me, but someone who, along with my own study and practice, could guide me along nicely, explain things that made much more sense in person than reading a manual or guide book and I decided to seek a mentor.

I looked at a few photographers ports who were close to me location wise but immediately Paul's stood out so I contacted him (he probably remembers my very long email to him and probably still has flashbacks to it) and he agreed to mentor me.

I think our 1st meeting, he explained Iso's, shutter speed and aperture to me and in just 20 minutes, everything he told and showed me made much more sense than having read an entire manual on it.

Paul is easy to work with, has the patience of a Saint and is a great teacher. Over the 1st few months shooting with Paul my photography made huge leaps forward and although after about 6 months he let go of my hands (his own words, I did not need him any more), and everything I had learnt with Paul gave me a great base to start putting my own ideas into my photography but even today you can still see Paul's influence in a lot of my photos.

I can put my hand on my heart and honestly say that I doubt I would be anywhere near the level I am today if it was not for Paul. He showed me the potential I could achieve and it gave me the desire to constantly improve myself, something I still have today.

If you look at my portfolio, that is with myself just 13 months into my photography and shows with the right attitude to learning and improving all the time what is possible and a tuition shoot day with Paul is the absolute perfect way to start.

Paul also excels at post production, if you have tuition with Paul its more than worth having some Photoshop technique lessons from him also to go alongside the photography.

I will finish up by saying although I feel I am at a decent level with my photography now (still lots to learn but that will come with experience), I still bend Paul's ear from time to time with asking for advice and when he does his own shoots at my studio, he knows to come early as I will be dragging him in front of my PC to show him my latest photos and he still offers valuable tips re crops and I hugely respect his opinion.

Thank you Paul for everything.
Location: GB, England, Essex, Rayleigh
Date: Sunday, April 12, 2015
Compensation: Requiring Payment
Seeking: Photographers
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